3 Useful Tips to Boost Your Affiliate Income Through Email

Email marketing remains relevant in today’s day and age. Why not use it to your advantage and boost your affiliate income through email?

3 Useful Tips to Boost Your Affiliate Income Through Email

What if I was to tell you that you can generate a six-figure income from the comfort of your couch without selling a thing?

Email marketing remains relevant in today’s day and age. Depending on experience, marketers can make anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000.

With that said, let me arm you with the right tips to boost affiliate income generated from your email lists 💌

Tip 1: Create a list of actionable leads 🙋‍♂️

You may start your affiliate career as a side endeavor; however, you can rely on it as your primary source of income if done right.

Firstly, build a website with valuable content, next commence building your email list to take your affiliate game to the next level.

If you are considering buying a list of potential leads, don’t do it!

Sure, it’s cheap and serves as a shortcut. However, speaking from experience, buying a list will land your emails right in the junk folder.

All that hard work goes down the drain.

Subscribe to a good email marketing provider

A good provider would allow you to add affiliate links to messages, will have an adequate daily quota, and will enable you to create an extensive subscriber list.

It’s really something you should spend a few hours on.

Here’s an article from HubSpot that’ll give you a good idea of which email marketing provider to go with.

Gain permission

Next, you need to have permission to send emails to ensure your message doesn’t end up in the spam folder.

There are two types of permissions:

  • Implied: The client in question has a relationship with you and would look forward to your message
  • Express: This method will require them to allow you to send emails

Affiliate marketing list building is geared more towards express permissions, where potential leads opt-in to receive emails by subscribing.

Add signup forms to your website

A CMS such as WordPress has plenty of features to persuade users to sign up to your email list. You must ensure that signup forms are easily accessible to use these features to your advantage. Other than that, you can activate popups after various intervals.

Additionally, consider designing forms that require minimum information; all you need is the email address, that is it!

Lastly, you can make sure that the forms resonate with the published content, so clicks come naturally. With time you will be able to perfect your strategy. Most experts learn through extensive periods of trial and error.

Test out which timing brings you the most signups, and ensure that you have subscription forms coming forth during that time. Keep monitoring the results so you can always strike at the right moment.

Enhance your reach

Remember, if the email does a bang-up job, your leads may forward them to their acquaintances, leading to more affiliate income.

Encourage this by including social sharing icons, subscription buttons, as well as a forward email button.

This helps ensure that your email list keeps growing, plus it indicates that all subscribers are interested in your word and offer.

Gated content

It’s always a good idea to keep your most valuable content behind a subscription wall.

Suppose you are promoting a massage chair that guarantees hundreds of dollars in commission.

Create content revolving around it, but keep all intrinsic features and comparisons in another document, accessible if users provide their email address.

Once subscribed, they will receive the document in their inbox. And this piece should contain affiliate links in the right places.

Based on their purchase, you can promote related products like seat covers, warmers, protective casing for chair remote, etc.

Tip 2: Intrigue readers with email sequences 👨‍💻

Email marketing is the fourth most popular source for affiliate commissions.

Sure, a campaign may not deliver you as many leads as SEO, SMM, or PPC — however, the quality of leads is more significant than most sources.

According to HubSpot, for every dollar spent, a good email marketing campaign can make at least $38, which accumulates to 3,800% ROI.

So it’s a no-brainer; running affiliate email campaigns is the way forward!

For me, creating email sequences has done wonders. It’s autonomous and straightforward; tweak a few settings, then sit back and wait.

Show gratitude

As soon as someone has subscribed, show them how much you value their presence by sending in a welcome and thank you email.

My emails include:

  • A thank you message for subscribing
  • A link to some valuable gated content: case studies, whitepapers, blogs, or something else
  • What type of content I typically publish, and publishing intervals — daily, weekly, or monthly
  • A brief description of my website, company, and offerings
  • Links to all social media accounts
  • Contact information

Deliver value via content emails

Publish clear, concise content that your target audience is actively searching for.

To get help with the creative process, use tools and tactics such as AnswerThePublic and Google search suggestions.

Remember that your blog or email is not a diary where you post what entices you; instead, you deliver value and cover topics that resolve the reader’s needs.

Add affiliate links in a manner that you don’t appear to be hard selling. And instead, let your killer copies influence clicks.

Also, if you find something relevant published by other people, share links to help your target audience.

To get you started, read through these 13 tips for writing excellent blog posts that keep people hooked. The same advice will do justice to your email campaigns.

Appeal to emotions

The aim is to create a lasting relationship with your subscribers, so feel free to portray your original self.

For instance, in your videos, speak about your background, education, family, etc., and don’t adopt a salesy approach since everyone is doing that.

Making your communications personal and real will help your subscribers create an intimate relationship with your content.

This uniqueness will help potential leads remember you, and they will look forward to your correspondence.

Also, invite people to share, subscribe, and connect with you on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The right time to pitch

In the affiliate game, you have to know when to strike!

Avoid sending promotional material till you have developed authority and trust with your subscribers.

And even when you get to it, mold your content in a manner that each line delivers value and compels readers to come back.

Sure, you want them to buy items from your link, but never make your intent apparent.

In short, when introducing new offerings, deals, and discounts — avoid being too sales-focused.

If you ask me, an excellent way to go about it is to keep things simple.

Inform your leads about new launches, and tell them that they can avail a discount by entering a given code.

A sequence that works

Once you have developed a healthy relationship, your promotion sequence begins.

A mail or two won’t be of much help; instead, send at least three to five emails across the week.

I have the following three-day recipe:

  1. The initial email should highlight what the promotion entails and why it is relevant to the reader
  2. In the second email, touch upon the specifics of the offer and provide answers to the typical queries of your audience
  3. To seal the deal, you need action, i.e., leads clicking on your CTA. Entice them by offering limited discounts or by making the promotion time-sensitive. Tell them to hurry up before the offer runs out (More on this below)

Tip 3: Use FOMO to your advantage 😇

With your campaign in flow, now comes the time to reel in your leads. There are two ways to go about it: countdown timers and bonuses.

Let’s take a look at them.

Add countdown timers

Think about it; why do Cyber Monday, Boxing day, Black Friday, and Christmas shopping days do so well.

It’s simple; people do not want to miss out on deals that provide a bargain and are time-sensitive.

If there is no time limit, people will delay their buying decision. Most momentary delays lead to people forgetting and moving on.

Whereas if urgency is involved, they make their decision then and there.

A countdown timer works on the same principle — every minute they wait, the fear of missing out becomes real.

A study revealed that email campaigns backed with a countdown timer have 14% more CTR and 59% transaction rates.

I usually use an email-centric template builder to add a countdown timer to promotional email sequences.

Offer bonuses

No matter what channel you choose to promote your affiliates, never forget – you aren’t alone – many others are doing the same.

By 2023, 347.3 billion emails will be sent per day. Don’t you feel that your email may get lost in the clutter?

This is why you need to stand out, delivering something others aren’t.

Unique bonuses and unheard-of incentives are a good start! Just go through blogs and videos of product reviews, and see what we mean.

Every other content piece you come across will end with something like “click on the link below to get X discount before the offer expires.”

If we consider this whole process from the AIDA model – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action – we need something to compel people to take action.

Limited time offers like bonuses and countdown timers do a great job creating a sense of urgency, as these deals may seem too good to be true.

When customers capitalize on a discount, they feel like they have saved money rather than spent it.

The cherry on top is that they will come directly rather than find sellers over Google the next time they want something from your site.

Also, remember that the incentives you offer should resonate with the product as well as the audience.

This is why I start by creating a typical buyer persona by highlighting their gender, concerns, and desires.

Accordingly, I address their pain points while ensuring that their needs are met.

For instance, if you are selling online courses, along with the product, you can offer tutorials, whitepapers, software, or other study materials.

Likewise, if you are selling a phone, you can offer a protective casing free of charge.

Ideally, users should be directed towards a dedicated landing page to access the bonus, which in turn leads them to the checkout page.

Other than that, I don’t just stop at a single bonus; instead, my customers come back due to the variety of bonuses I am known to offer.

This strategy is guaranteed to convert leads when combined with a countdown timer.

Key takeaways

Hopefully, the points I posed will get your email campaigns the attention they deserve.

Plus, the pandemic has significantly altered buying behavior, and customers are now more inclined towards shopping online.

There can’t be a better time to shore up your affiliate marketing efforts!

And if you are just learning about affiliate marketing, you will be happy to know that many programs will readily accept you.

80% of brands have affiliate marketing programs, and getting enlisted is relatively straightforward because the medium is so effective.

Here is a list I compiled of 76 highest paying affiliate programs for 2021 and beyond to get you started.

What tip do you think is the most important to boost email list affiliate income?

I feel that all three are of equal value, and the most compelling strategy involves knowing the importance of timing!

What’s next? Are you going to concentrate more on building a better list, sending automated email sequences, or promoting time-sensitive offers?

Do share in the comment section below.