The 7 Best & Most Profitable Blogging Niches (2021)

Don't know which niche to choose when starting a blog? Here are what I consider to be the 7 most profitable blogging niches.

The 7 Best & Most Profitable Blogging Niches (2021)

The number one reason why many new bloggers fail are because they are overwhelmed by the thousands of blogging niches — and end up choosing the wrong one.

To save you a trip down the I will never make money blogging-lane, I'll give you my take on seven of the most profitable blogging niches.

If you've not already checked it out, give my how to start a Ghost blog guide a read. It'll teach you what you need to do to get started with Ghost.

The blogging niches I'm going to cover are:

  1. Blogging
  2. Personal finance
  3. Investing
  4. Ecommerce
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Fitness
  7. Fashion

Note that most of these niches have a high entry barrier if you focus on some of the obvious keywords but by focussing on longer-tail keywords, you'll be able to get a piece of the cake that is making money blogging. Without further ado, let us dive straight into the first niche (my favorite)!

1. Blogging

More and more people are looking towards getting into blogging whether it is to share what they believe in or simply to make a ton of money.

When I first started out, this was the niche that caught my attention. So, I ended up starting this blog back in January 2021. I got my hands on a super cheap Bluehost hosting plan and got started in no time.

Successful examples in the blogging niche


As seen above, this niche is highly profitable. The numbers above are just a small handful of all the profitable blogs who share their income reports.

The easiest and most profitable way of making money in this niche is through affiliate marketing. If you have enough traffic, you can turn clicks into cash really quickly.

Search volume

During the last decade, more and more people are getting into blogging. And for a good reason; it is really profitable. Taking a look at the search volume for the keyword how to start a blog will tell you the exact same:

Search volume for start a blog keyword

There are about 50.000 people in the United States and 93.000 globally that are searching for the keyword every month. Another keyword that is quite popular in this niche is content marketing so let us take a look at its search volume:

Search volume for content marketing keyword

As with the previous keyword it gets a ton of traffic every month. But what you need to know is that a high search volume usually also means a high level of competition so let us take a look at the competition for the same two keywords.


The competition in this niche is fierce – given that you try to rank for keywords such as how to start a blog and content marketing. Here is a look at the keyword difficulty for the two keywords.

Competition in the blogging niche

A keyword difficulty in the 80s is insanely high and super hard to rank for. It is estimated that you will need backlinks from around 600 different websites to rank in the top 10 for the two keywords. In other words, unless you are a well established blog you are going to have a hard time ranking for these keywords.

Our advice would be to aim for long-tail keywords if you want to get into the blogging niche. Else you are going to have a ton of competition.

Required experience

You will probably need to sit down in front of the computer for a while and learn everything you can about blogging before you can start giving other people advice as to how they should start a blog and make money online.

People will probably also have a hard time trusting your advice if you do not have some sort of proof that you made it within the blogging niche yourself. Worth to consider.

Level of fun

We have had a ton of fun writing all of our blog posts and we are still enjoying it. We definitely do not regret choosing this nice. The learning curve is quite steep and there are many creative ways to write about blogging.

We could not imagine any other niche that would be as fun as this one while also being as profitable as it is. People are making more than $100.000/mo in this niche. You can get started for a mere $2.95/month using Bluehost.

2. Personal finance

What's awesome about the personal finance niche is the fact that you can learn a ton about your own financial habits by immersing yourself into the niche.

If your primary goal is to make money through your blog, you want to choose a niche that is extremely profitable. Personal finance definitely is.

Successful examples in the personal finance niche


The personal finance niche is extremely profitable. To be honest we think it is one of the most profitable blogging niches out there.

People are generally more cautious with their own money buy they are more likely to accept free advice in exchange for their email addresses. You will have a relatively easy job building a huge email list.

If we were to start our own personal finance blog we would create some sort of resources that we would be able to send to people signing up for our newsletter.

That way you would be able to build a really strong email list where you can promote online courses on personal finance – or maybe even promote affiliate links.

Search volume

To find out how much traffic the personal finance niche gets, we tried to figure out what we would personally search for in the personal finance niche. When we think personal finance we think of money management or, in other words, how to budget:

Search volume for how to budget keyword

The keyword gets 9.200 visits/mo which is primarily from the United States. It is nowhere near the traffic the two previous keywords received. However, let us take a look at the keyword how to save money.

Search volume for how to save money keyword

Compared to how to budget this keyword gets a ton of traffic. It really comes down to which keywords you choose. Sit down and think about what people are searching for. But keep in mind that the more volume a keyword receive, the higher the competition tends to be.


As expected, there is a ton of competition in this niche given that you want to target some of the main keywords such as how to budget and how to save money. Here is the keyword difficulty of the two keywords.

Competition in the personal finance niche

We cannot emphasize the importance of aiming for long-tail keywords. It is going to make it so much easier for you to be indexed by Google.

It would practically be impossible for you to rank in the top 10 with a newly started blog if your target keyword has a keyword difficulty of 78. You would need backlink from around 310 different websites to hit the top 10.

Required experience

You do not need that much experience to write about personal finance. Almost all of us have a decent amount of know-how when it comes to basic finance, and by doing a quick Google search or two you are able to learn a ton about the niche.

Compared to some of the other blogging niches on this list, personal finance is one of the easier to get started with – at least in our opinion.

Level of fun

We think the personal finance is a truly fun niche to write about since you can use a ton of the things you write about in your own personal life. This definitely helps with the motivation on the days when everything looks a bit dark.

Let us be honest; we are all lacking motivation some days.

3. Investing

We split investing and personal finance into two separate blogging niches because we believe that by niching down even more, you are also lowering the competition and allowing your blog to be indexed by Google faster.

If you know a good amount of SEO and you are pretty quick on your feet when it comes to investing, we think you could make a ton of money blogging about it.

Successful examples in the investing niche

We tried to find a few investing blogs for our successful examples but literally no one in the investing niche are publishing their income report.


Investing is an extremely profitable niche if you figure out an ideal way of monetizing your blog. We are huge fans of affiliate marketing and by signing up for an affiliate program such as eToro you could be making a fairly awesome passive income.

Maybe you could even go as far as creating an online investment course. If you do create a course then let us know. We would definitely love be your first customers.

Search volume

This niche has a ton of traffic. Hands down. Let us take a quick look at how many searches the keyword investing gets every month:

Search volume for investing keyword

It beats all the other keywords we have looked at so far with a staggering 5.600.000 monthly searches on a global scale. Who would have thought that investing would be such a hot niche? But hold on. It gets better.

If you thought that 5.600.000 monthly searches was a staggering number, take a look at the search volume for the keyword bitcoin. It will blow your away.

Search volume for bitcoin keyword

8.400.000 monthly searches! That is just an outrageous number of searches. But with a high search volume comes a steep competition. Let us take a look at the competition for the two keywords investing and bitcoin.


As expected, the competition for the keywords investing and bitcoin is fierce. In fact, we have not seen a keyword in a long time that has had the same difficulty as bitcoin has.

Competition in the investing niche

A keyword difficulty of 98. Impossible. You would have to find some amazing long-term keywords to even get a foot insight the door of bitcoin. However, investing has a keyword difficulty of 79 with 94.000 monthly searches which is not too shabby.

Required experience

You definitely need quite a bit of experience to properly advice people on how they should invest their hard earned money.

You will probably need to build a lot of credibility to attract readers and to make them listen to your advice… or you could just try to wing it.

Either way, investing is a tad harder to start writing about than the other blogging niches so you will probably need to spend a good amount of time doing some research before you throw yourself at it. Just our two cents.

Level of fun

We do not think investing is as fun as some of the other blogging niches on this list but you can definitely learn a thing or two about investing by giving this niche a try. It is a highly profitable niche but not our first pick when it comes to how fun it is.

4. Ecommerce

This is a niche that has gained a lot of traction in the last few years. Heck, we are considering getting into ecommerce as we are writing this blogging niches blog post.

More and more people are looking to create their own ecommerce store and make a passive income from it. Why not teach them how to do it and also make money while you are helping them out?

Successful examples in the Ecommerce niche

We had a hard time finding blogs that teach people ecommerce and that also publish their income reports. However, we found one. A very good one!


This niche can be extremely profitable if you know how to monetize your blog in the right way. Steve Chou (the face behind MWQHJ) is making over $100.000/mo from his blog.

As we previously mentioned, you can pretty much make money blogging about anything. As long as you have a way to monetize your content, you should be fine.

Search volume

We did a quick Keywords Explorer search using Ahrefs for ecommerce to find out how much traffic the niche actually had. Here are the results:

Search volume for Ecommerce keyword

There is a huge global volume for the keyword, and it even has a CPC of $14 which tells us it is a highly converting keyword. However, you probably do not want to rank for ecommerce if you are a blogger. Then something like best ecommerce platform would be more ideal since you are then able to spray in some affiliate links to the platforms.

Search volume for best ecommerce platform keyword

It has a very decent search volume and the fact that it has a CPC of $20 is pretty insane. People are actually paying $20 for each click through paid advertising – which makes sense since most ecommerce platforms are giving their affiliates 300% of the referrals initial payment. That is a few hundred dollar for a single conversion.

The niche definitely has a ton of traffic and is a very hot topic nowadays. A lot of people are looking to build their own online store and need someone like you to help them out!


With high search volume comes fierce competition. The ecommerce industry is still relatively new but ecommerce still has quite steep competition as seen below.

Competition in the ecommerce niche

You would need backlins from around 488 websites to rank in the top 10 on Google for ecommerce. So it is not exactly to rank for the keyword but if we take a long-tail keyword such as best ecommerce platform your chances of hitting the first page on Google are way higher with a keyword difficulty of 66.

We cannot emphasize the importance of doing your keyword research and aiming to rank for long-tail keywords. Take a look at the KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) if you would like to rank in the top 50 within a few days.

Required experience

You do not need that much experience to attract readers. It is quite an easy niche to throw yourself at compared to e.g. investing or blogging where you need some sort of proof of you being an expert in the field.

Do a few Google searches and learn everything you can about starting an online store and you should be flying in a few days.

Level of fun

We think ecommerce is an interesting niche and we actually have a few online stores running right now generating passive income. Imagine how much value you would get from helping people out with setting up their own online store. Interesting, eh?

5. Lifestyle

Now we are getting into some of the blogging niches that are a little easier to start a blog in and a niche that more people can relate to.

There are an endless amount of subcategories for this niche. You can write about general lifestyle tips and tricks or even dig into personal finance, investing, fitness, or any other topic later on as you go.

Successful examples in the lifestyle niche


We believe that blogging is extremely profitable as you have probably realized by now. And since the lifestyle niche is so huge there are an endless amount of monetization methods.

If you have the right idea and a solid way to monetize your lifestyle blog then the lifestyle niche can be very profitable. No doubt. However, we believe it would be easy to lose focus due to the vastness of the niche.

Our two cents would be to niche down as much as you can and keep a strong focus. Do a ton of keyword research and write tailored and highly engaging content and you should be able to earn quite an impressive income from your lifestyle blog.

Search volume

If we were to create a lifestyle blog we would probably choose a subniche such as minimalism. It is a really hot topic lately and there are so many ways to monetize your blog in that niche – whether it is through affiliate links or sponsored posts.

Search volume for minimalism keyword

The keyword minimalism gets 136.000 monthly searches on average which is quite a lot of traffic. However, it has a low CPC indicating that people are not that likely ton convert when searching for the keyword minimalism.

Another subniche that is evergreen and has a ton of volume is traveling. Let us look at how much traffic keyword cheap hotels gets.

Search volume for cheap hotels keyword

Take a look at how much traffic the keyword cheap hotels gets. It has a CPC of $4 and gets 250.000 monthly searches in the United States and 366.000 monthly searches on a global scale. Imagine the potential!

We would advice you to investigate the lifestyle niche a little closer and dig into the different subniches it contains. Some are more profitable than others.


The competition really depends on which subniche you choose to get into. If you do your keyword research correctly you are able to find some awesome keywords that have a ton of volume and not so much competition.

Competition in the lifestyle niche

You did not expect a keyword difficulty of 13 for the keyword cheap hotels, now did you? We were able to find this awesome keyword in a matter of a few minutes. Imagine how many valuable keyword you could find in a couple of hours.

The competition in the lifestyle niche is not too fierce if you just do your keyword research and aim to rank for long-tail keywords.

Required experience

The lifestyle niche is probably the easiest niche of the blogging niches on this list to get started with because it has millions of subniches you can dig into. So you do not need a lot of experience to write blog posts in the lifestyle niche.

If you choose a lifestyle subniche such as behavior psychology or any other technical topic then you would probably need a bit of experience but it really comes down to the subniche you choose.

Level of fun

We personally think it is one of the most fun blogging niches to write and read about. It is not as technical as investing or ecommerce but so much fun.

You are also able to throw in some humor and give your blog posts a tad bit of personality which you would have a harder time doing in a more technical niche.

6. Fitness

This is a blogging niche with an endless number of possibilities and there are so many ways to eventually monetize your blog to make a ton of money in the fitness niche.

It is also really easy to combine it with e.g. a cooking niche or just health in general — which opens up even more affiliate opportunities.

Successful examples


The fitness niche is ludicrously profitable. Just take a quick look at the examples above and you will quickly realize that the numbers are truly amazing.

You can twist the fitness niche in so many directions and still make a ton of money. Whether you want to write about diets, immunity, or weight lifting, it is highly profitable.

Search volume

The fitness niche has a ton of search volume – depending on what subniche you get into. Let us take a look at how many monthly searches the keyword keto diet gets:

Search volume for keto diet keyword

People search for keto diet 769.000 times on each month on average in the United States. And that number rises to 1.500.000 on a global scale.

You could also twist the fitness niche into e.g. weight loss which also has a ton of searches each month. Let us take a look at how many it gets:

Search volume for weight loss keyword

It gets 102.000 searches each month in the United States alone so the keyword weight loss definitely has a ton of volume. Not as high a volume as keto diet but still a ton.

The fitness niche gets a ton of traffic and there are many subniches to chose from – also with a lot of traffic. So you should not worry too much whether or not this niche has a lot of potential because it does.


Getting into the fitness niche is not going to be an easy job for you – given that your target keywords are either keto diet or weight loss. Here is a look at the keyword difficulty for the two keywords:

Competition in the fitness niche

As always, there is a ton of competition if you are targeting some of the most popular keywords – and especially in the fitness niche. The keyword keto diet has a keyword difficulty of 88 and weight loss has a keyword difficulty of 91.

Again, you want to aim for long-tail keywords. If you cut back a little on the search volume you will drastically lower the competition too.

The fitness niche would probably be one of the hardest blogging niches that I’ve mentioned in this blog post to break into. It has a ton of competition.

Required experience

During the last decade, fitness has become increasingly popular due to global health problems and probably also due to the entrance of social media. Hence, you likely already know a thing or two about the fitness niche.

We would say it is relatively easy to get started blogging about fitness. Do a quick Google search or two and throw yourself at it. There is honestly no better time than right now. Just get at it.

Level of fun

We think the fitness niche is really interesting and you are able to drastically improve your own health too from the things you pick up along the way.

Of course, your health is going to take a hit due to all the all-nighters you are going to spend writing blog posts… just kidding… that is only going to apply to idiots like us.

7. Fashion

If you are a girl reading this, chances are that you have once had a dream of starting a company such as Vogue. Well, Vogue could as well have started out being a fashion blog and scaled from there into a huge fashion company.

It may be a tad bit unrealistic that you are going to turn your fashion blog into the next Vogue but what is not unrealistic is the fact that you can make a ton of money blogging about fashion. Take a look at the examples below.

Successful examples in the fashion niche


The examples above are not exactly multimillion dollar blogs but they were the best that we could find. There are not a lot of fashion blogs that are revealing their income.

That said, making $10.133/mo is not exactly bad, right? We think the fashion niche is a very profitable niche if you are able to monetize your blog correctly – maybe by signing up for different fashion affiliate programs and promoting clothes on your blog.

Search volume

One of the things to keep in mind before entering the fashion niche is that the search volume varies depending on the season. Let us look at the keyword summer clothes and how the search volume varies depending on the season.

Search volume for summer clothes keyword

Take a look at the search volume trend and how much it varies. The same goes for fashion trends. They are hot for a short period of time and then they fade out. Therefore you have to be on the top of your toes if you want to exploit the fashion hypes.

Let us take a look at how much traffic the keyword womens shoes gets. It is more evergreen than the previous keyword:

Search volume for womens shoes keyword

The traffic does not vary as much and we are sure that you could get a ton of traffic relatively easy if you try to target long-tail keywords such as best womens shoes.

Always target long-tail keywords. That is the best advice we can give you. It will make it so much easier to reach first page on Google.


The fashion niche works a little different in terms of keyword research since you will have to follow the trends and maybe try to hit the fashion hype waves.

If you are quick enough, you will have a relatively easy time with the competition. Let us take a look at the keyword difficulty for the keywords summer clothes and womens shoes.

Competition in the fashion niche

Summer clothes should be relatively easy to rank for. In fact, you need backlinks from around 10 websites to rank in the top 10 for the keyword. However, womens shoes is definitely a tad more difficult to rank for.

In short; there is a ton of competition in the fashion niche and you would have to be very creative to outperform your competition and rank in Google.

Required experience

There is really no prior knowledge requirements. Anything you need can be picked up along the way by doing a quick Google search or two.

However, be aware that the fashion industry is based on personal opinions which can result in quite a lot of negative comments from people who dislike your taste/vibe.

Level of fun

If you are interested in fashion and love to follow the latest trends, we think it could be an amazing and really fun idea to start your own fashion blog. We would say go for it!

Key takeaways

That is a wrap. These were the most profitable blogging niches out there, and they are all pretty easy to get started with. All it takes is a mere $2.95/month Bluehost investment and you're well on your way.

I'd strongly suggest you to read my start a blog guide before you crack on.

It will teach you everything you need to know to get started on the right foot and some of the best ways to monetize your blog later on.